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فصل سوم : هنوز گذشته

از.اسم.گذاشتن.متنفرم :|

اسمش فصل سه می مونه تا بعدا ببینم چی کار کنم.

"Am I dead? Is this Hell?" I asked, while putting another washed dish on the others.

“You’re talking like you’ve never did the dishes before. Stop nagging.” Sophie said, and casted a very angry look at me. I sighed.  “I’m not talking about that.” I whispered, “Never mind.”

I looked up and scanned the dishes room. In this hotel, or in every food-serving place in the world, kitchen was only that glorious place that chefs ordered people around, above the sound of chopping and frying. The other none-important and low jobs, like washing the never-ending dishes, was done in a couple of separate rooms, as far away as possible from the kitchen.

Fortunately, our dishes room wasn’t anything like that stingily, full-of-dirt rooms that plates were columned in it to the roof. Some of the servers got everything that should be washed, emptied them, and brought them to us. There was always a couple of people in the dishes room, so you never saw more than four or five plates on the stack. And every few minutes, a kitchen boy came and got the washed ones.

The room was small, but the air was always fresh. All the walls were white, so they didn’t look like they’re going to sallow you in them.

Not that anybody ever enjoyed the work.

At the doorway, I saw Harvey talking to another maid. He was so satisfied with his job, like being a head-of-services is the best thing you could get.

“Then what is it?” Sophie’s question came at least a minute after my last statement, so it took me some time to realize what she’s talking about. But she took my silence a mark for reluctance to speak. “What? Now you’re keeping things from me, Dr. Green?”

Sophie Covington was the only person, else than my parents, and apparently else than Brooklyn Wales, who knew about my little secret. She was a kind, trustworthy woman, but she sometimes could be really annoying.

“My, my! Do you want me to give you a giant speaker to tell everybody?” I whispered, in a very angry tone.

She rolled her eyes. “Alright, alright. But really, what’s your problem?” She asked.

“Not ‘what’, it’s actually a ‘who’.” I sighed.

“Let me guess. Brooklyn Wales?” She smirked, “You’ve backed up to a corner to lick your wounded pride?”

“It. Is. NOT. About. That.” I said firmly, but my voice somehow started shaking at the end.

“I’m repeating myself. Then what is it about?” She said, as she handed me the last dish. Our shift was going to be over in nearly 30 seconds.

“I… He’s going to tell everyone.”

“Oh, and again we’re back at your I’m-a-great-scientist-and-I-deserve-way-more-than-this-horribe-terrible-life pride, Aren’t…” I didn’t let her finish the sentence. “It’s not about that!” I shouted, for probably the 3rd time.

She didn’t say anything. Just looked at me, expectantly. I took a deep breath and started.

"I lied to the university about everything, remember? They think I have a pretty rich family. When they find out I’m working at a hotel… They start suspecting things. They peek into my life and they will fire me from the university. Or maybe even the hotel. And maybe…” I couldn’t continue.

“They might find out about your father's ... issue.” She said. I nodded.

“It’s over girls! Do you like the dishes that much? ‘Cause I could let you stay!” Harvey shouted.

“Comin’!” Sophie shout back and rolled her eyes.

“About that” I said, “I got to run. I’ve skipped my other job for too long.”


I closed the door on the cold breeze of early fall and entered the big hall of the university. Despite the fact that the class were on the other side of campus, there were a lot of students in the hall, mostly came to talk to their teachers, or go the library on the last floor.

The hall had a perfect cuboidal shape and its high roof were held by exactly 12 craved and parallel columns. The floor was made of ceramic tiles, shaped like two-dimensional geometric shapes. Rumor was, the funders placed a lot of unsolved theorems in it, but honestly, I had no idea. I never was that good in geometry.

Else than a couple of bathrooms, the hall didn’t have any other rooms. The teachers’ office started at the 3rd floor.

As I walking to the elevator, I felt the old pleasant feeling of being here. I loved this place, loved its people, its atmosphere. They respected and trusted me. It was the only place of the world where my problems were solvable.

I smiled and entered the elevator. I had a lot to do.

When I stepped out of the elevator, Natalie, the clerk of the 10th floor raised her head and beamed.

“Hi Danny!” She said, “We’ve been missing you. I didn’t remember you not showing up without a reason, for two days! Are you alright, honey?”

I walked to her desk. “Sorry. Family issues.” I liked her, but she was too… sentimental for my taste. “Anything new?”

“Dr. Collin called nearly a million times, about some essays and stuff. I got his message, wrote it down and put it on your desk. Andy called and invited you for his birthday party. It’s today. I told him you’re not going.”

“Good.” I said. I wasn’t very fond of parties, especially the birthday of my students. I smiled for a sign of gratitude and walked to my office.

“And the last thing!” She shouted, “There is guy, I wrote down his name somewhere around here…”

I waited, but then it seemed like that she lost it. “Doesn’t matter. What about him?”

“He wanted to see you. Came here an hour ago, I told him you hadn’t stepped in here for the last two days, but he said he’ll wait.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Where is he now?”

“He said he’ll wait in your office, I told him it’s locked. So he said he’ll wait by your office.”

I laughed. “Okay. I’ll check it out. Thanks.”

I was smiling, unintentionally. Thinking who this guy might be. My smile faded the moment I saw him, sitting on the floor by my name sign.

He heard my footsteps and stood up.

You had to come and destroy my day, didn’t you?

Well, Mr. Wales. This is MY territory here.

I went forward and took my keys out. “Hi.” He said.

“Hi.” I repeated. I didn’t show any sign that his presence might matter, but Gosh, I was terrified. I went in the room.

“So… Can I come in?” He asked calmly.

“Yes, Of course.” I answered. Then it struck me, this was the same damned conversation we had, two days ago in the hotel. I took a deep breath. “Please, Take a seat.”

He did. “I read these…” He didn’t continue.

“So?” I asked.

He pushed his hair back and looked at me. I noticed him doing this a lot in our last meeting. Like a habit, or something.

“I think we can’t avoid this,” He said, in a serious tone that I haven’t heard before. “I saw something that I clearly shouldn’t have.”

I stopped him. “Mr. Wales…”

“Let me finish. I just wanted to say that everybody has their own secrets, right? You do, I do, so does The Queen of England. Just wanted you to know your secret is safe with me. And my name is Brooklyn, I prefer being called by that.”

I didn’t know how to feel. But just by looking at his face, I know he had a lot of secrets himself.

And I had a vague feeling that I could trust him with mine. 

دلم میخواد یه کم دیگه هم ادامه بدم، ولی فکر کنم داره گند زده میشه بهش :| بعدا :))

نگار. س.

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من کلاً خیلی کم ship می کنم ملت رو، ولی کوریسو و اوکابه واقعا جزو زوجای مورد علاقمن :D اینام دوست داشتنی میشن پس :D
ایشالا :))
تو یه کنکوری فوق العاده ای :))
انقدر لوس نیستن؟ خب، خوبه. علاقه مند شدم :D هی میخوام بگم زود بنویس، یادم میاد کنکور داری :)) بعد کنکور زود بنویس :D
می دونم :دی
یهو دیدی گند زدم و شدن، ولی خب برنامه این نیست که لوس بشن:)) اینا که من در ذهن دارم لوس نیستن، یه چیزی شبیه کوریسو و اوکابه، با شدت دعوای کمتر :))
چی شد؟ :))
برای همینم من تقریباً همه ی شخصیتای همه انیمه هایی که دیدمو دوست دارم :))))))))

+ خیلی شبیه مید ساماست؟ اخه اوسویی خیلی جنتلمن بود و در عین حال شیطون، ولی شدیداً غیرواقعی بود. بیشتر حس می کردی مثلا ومپایره و به اندازه 100 سال عقل و شعور داره اما جسمش 17 ساله ست :دی رفتارش خیلی واسه یه پسر دبیرستانی بزرگونه و معقول بود. حالا بروک 17 سالش نیست ولی پیشنهاد میدم خییییلی با شعور نشونش ندی، مثلا به اندازه ی یه مرد 45 ساله با شعور نباشه :D
نه ببین من تا آخر قسمت 27 رو دیدم امروز ( میدونی خیلی کنکوری باحالی ام من؟ :)) ) بعد اینا خیلی خیلی لوس تر از این حرفان که شبیه لندن و بروک باشن :))
بعدم اینکه درسته بروک جنتلمنه، ولی باشعــــــــــــور؟ باشعور؟ تنها چیزی که نیست با شعوره :))
این رفتار نسبتاً خوبش که به لندن گیر نداد هم دلیل داره، موقعیت خاصه، ولی خب نباید اینقدر آروم می بود، درستش می کنم :))
مثل انیمه kaicho wa maid sama, اون پسر بلونده. usui. لامصب چیزی تو دنیا وجود نداشت که این بلد نباشه :| کاملا حس میکردی سازنده مرد آرزوهاشو تو انیمه ش معرفی میکنه :))
کلا اگه دقت کرده باشی سازنده های انیمه و مانگا کلا همینن. یه چیز رویایی می سازن و تحویلت می دن :| مخصوصــــــــــا اگه زن باشن. اون موقع دیگه باید خودتو آماده کنی حداقل عاشق یکی (!) از شخصیتا بشی. بیشترم که شد ...:))

پی نوشت :وای فاطمه، رفتم توضیح ویکیپدیایی چند قسمت انیمه رو خوندم. می دونستم ایده لندن و اینا کبلیشه ست و شبیه همین مید ساما، ولی نه ایـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــنقدر :))
"+ احساسا می کنم عجله ای نوشتم و گند زدم به شخصیت بروک :|"
من نمیدونم شخصیت بروک چطوریه ولی حس می کنم انتظار شیطنت بیشتری داشنم ازش. مثلا یکم سر به سر دنی بذاره اول، نه اینکه انقدر مثبت باشه :دی
دقیقا به خاطر همین! می خواستم شیطون تر در بیاد :|
البته بگم بروک قراره خیلی جنتلمن باشه همزمان، برای همین زیادم شیطون نباید باشه :دی
۲۰ ارديبهشت ۹۵ ، ۱۰:۲۰ بابا لنگ دراز
زیر نویس فارسیشو از کجا دان کنم؟؟؟
فارسی مگه وبا داره؟؟
دارم تمرین می کنم انگلیسی مو بهتر کنم خب :دی
فارسی ننوشتم ازش...
دییییییپ برث روژییییین
یور ار نات گویییینگ تو کیل نگار فور پوستینگ ا لیتل لندلین.نو یور نات
i'm going to kill you
i mean hellllllo i was in the egde of fangirling crazy when you finished it:/
how cool and british broklyn is*.*
i wantone*.*
i love your writing style:)
but still i'm going to kill you:-P
You're going to have A LOT more of londelyn, I guarantee:)))
جدی چطور بود؟ داشتم فک میکردم مقدمه شم انگلیسی کنم بذارم رو گودریدز:))))
+ غلط املایی ها رو :)) البته درکت می کنم موقع فن گرلینگ طبیعیه :))
+ احساسا می کنم عجله ای نوشتم و گند زدم به شخصیت بروک :|
waiting for the next part :D
ی نظری بده خواهرم خو:)))
البته زوری نیستا:)))

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